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Lorna Byrne's Message About Trees!

August 14, 20231 min read

“The Trees Know We Are Talking About Them. They Can Feel The Connection. ” - Lorna Byrne

The Trees Are Intelligent


This is a wonderful video from Lorna Byrne, the author of Angels In My Hair, and many other books about living her life surrounded by angels since she was a baby.

Lorna created this video in a forest sanctuary, to share that trees are intelligent, and how to connect with Nature! Thank you, Lorna!

I hope you love it!

Looking back on my life, I see that I was guided by a higher power to create Aloha Food Forest, and Food Forest U, and I think it is angels guiding me too!

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Tutu Sainz

Tutu Sainz is a grandmother and accountant who discovered that the return on investment from growing gardens approaches infinity! Then she discovered that food forest gardens are natural communities of biodiverse communities that work in harmony to create streams of produce that feed humans and wildlife, as they heal the environment.

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