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Learn to Grow a Food Forest

February 12, 20240 min read

“Achieve more food freedom, health freedom, and financial freedom by growing a food forest garden near you” -Tutu Sainz

Unleash the power of food, health, and financial freedom by growing a thriving food forest garden right in your backyard. With a food forest garden, you can enjoy a diverse range of fresh and nutritious produce all year round, while saving money and reducing your carbon footprint. Don't wait any longer to experience the benefits of a food forest garden. Start your journey towards a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle today. -Tutu Sainz

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Tutu Sainz

Tutu Sainz is a grandmother and accountant who discovered that the return on investment from growing gardens approaches infinity! Then she discovered that food forest gardens are natural communities of biodiverse communities that work in harmony to create streams of produce that feed humans and wildlife, as they heal the environment.

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